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A few examples of my photographic work


I have three main bodies of work:

1. WWII Combat Aviators

"Then and now" portraits and interviews with 32 pilots who saw combat in WWII. I was privileged to meet some of the most famous surviving combat pilots at the time. This work took me to ten countries.

2. Ukrainian Women who saw combat in WWII. 

I enjoyed the extraordinary and humbling experience of photographing and interviewing the very last of the women in Ukraine who fought against the invading Germans in WWII. 

3. Letters to My Wife

A photographic diary of my children as I raised them as a single father after their mother passed away. Some of this work will appear in a book I am in the process of finishing. It is called LETTERS TO MY WIFE.

Vira F.. Volkova Ukrainian women combatant of WWII, by John Martin Bradley
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