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I make kitchen knives by hand.

I never fail to be thrilled by the process of taking raw steel and wood, often simply a branch or trunk of a tree, and working them into something that is pleasing to the eye and has a story associated with it. Something that people will use every day and hand down from one generation to the next.  


I also have a track record as a commercially successful inventor and product designer. I have taken products from concept to the manufacturing stage in England and China.  

Royalties from my design work made it possible for me to have time to train as a photographer and carry out a project with WWII veterans that has lasted more than a decade.


I capture photographic images and write stories.

After my wife died from cancer in 2005, I sold my business to focus on raising my kids. I also trained as a professional photographer and spent over a decade photographing and interviewing 40 combat veterans of WWII from ten countries, mostly pilots. 

I have completed the first rendition of UKRAINIAN WOMEN COMBAT VETERANS OF WWII, a book featuring women I photographed in Ukraine who saw combat in WWII.

In due course I will finish a similar body of work about the combat pilots I interviewed and photographed. Some of whom were the most famous WWII aviators alive at the time. ​

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I am originally from England, but, I have lived in many places and I travel a lot (my dad was a military and then civil pilot, so I got the travel-bug from him). These days I spend as much time as I can finding, at source, interesting wood for my handmade knife handles. And meeting and learning from master bladesmiths who are off the beaten track. 

And occasionally I photograph and interview interesting people including veterans of wars going back to WWII, although sadly there are not many of The Greatest Generation left.  

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