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Kitchen knives made slowly by hand.


Knives you will use every day.


Knives that will last for generations.

I am a relatively new knifemaker, on the early part of the journey to build a name for myself designing and making beautiful kitchen knives. Knives that will become collectors' pieces.   

I would be humbled and grateful if you joined me on that journey by acquiring one of my knives. 

Johnny Bradley, January 2022.

My Knife Handles

I make my knife handles using beautiful and exotic woods from all over the world.

Pandemics allowing, I travel far-and-wide to find the wood for my handles - at source.

Each piece of wood used in the handle is carefully selected and shaped by me to make it feel good in the hand and bring out the best in the wood.

My Blades

At the sharp end, I make some of my blades myself and I work with extraordinarily talented master bladesmiths who use their magic to forge blades according to my designs. These are guys I met on my travels who taught me a thing or two about making beautiful things slowly and with great care, putting more than a little of your soul into what you are making. 

knives with soul


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